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routine services & Tune-Up In San Diego, North Park

Looking for service or a tune-up in San Diego? Look no further than Thao Auto Repair! We understand the importance of servicing and tune-ups to ensure your vehicle’s safety and reliability. Thao Auto Repair has served the San Diego area for over 40 years! 

Service and Tune-Up In San Diego

At Thao Auto, we understand the importance of servicing and tune-ups to ensure your vehicle’s safety and reliability. Our service and tune-ups include thoroughly inspecting and maintaining various components to keep your car running at optimal performance, safety, and efficiency. Signs that indicate your car may need a service or tune-up include dashboard warning lights, difficulty starting, slow acceleration, fluid leaks, lower gas mileage, and strange noises. Our experienced technicians are equipped to address these issues and more.

During your service or tune-up at Thao Auto, our skilled technicians will inspect engine components, perform fluid checks and replacements, replace spark plugs and air filters, clean the fuel system, inspect ignition and battery systems, and perform tire inspection and rotation. Additionally, we conduct thorough inspections of suspension and steering systems, exhaust systems, and safety systems and utilize computer diagnostics for comprehensive analysis.

When you choose Thao Auto Repair, you can trust us to ensure your vehicle is driving smoothly and safely in no time. We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide quick turnaround times so you can rest assured that your car is receiving the care it deserves. Schedule your service or tune-up with us today and experience the Thao Auto Repair difference!

Auto Repair Shop In San Diego, North Park

Thao Auto Repair has been a trusted name in auto repair and auto body in the San Diego, North Park, Clairemont, Kearny Mesa, Mission Valley, Fashion Valley, La Mesa, and College areas for over 40 years.


Our highly skilled team and state-of-the-art machining equipment make us the clear choice for all your engine service and restoration needs. When it comes to automotive machining, engine rebuilding, or stock upgrades, Thao’s Auto Repair Shop stands as the premier service provider in San Diego County. Our expertly trained technicians are extensively knowledgeable in engine remanufacturing and rebuilding. We view engine replacement as a last-resort option. Bring us your most faulty, worn-out parts, and we will expertly restore them to factory standards. 


Thoa Auto Repair & Auto Body Shop in San Diego, North Park, is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in the auto repair industry.